Edelstein Serenade

Eine Veranstaltungsreihe der Gemeinden Herrstein
und Niederwörresbach
Künstlerischer Leiter: Christian Strauß

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In our municipality, having active club life is closely connected to the feeling of well-being...
This will take you to an overview of all events in and around Herrstein throughout the year.

Welcome to the
medieval town
of Herrstein

Herrstein provides an attractive environment to reside, work and live to it's inhabitants.

Visitors can discover the town's historical centre and explore the beautiful landscape around the German Gemstone Route. On the following pages, you can inform yourself about everything worth knowing.

If these pages make you curious about Herrstein, we would be glad to welcome you as a visitor to our town.

Eberhard Weber
55756 Herrstein
Hauptstraße 13


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